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Flowers for a birthday is one of the best options to celebrate the life of your love ones, your family, friends, girlfriend, partners, co-workers. Fresh flowers are an authentic gift to say happy birthday because represent something with live, represent the affection you have for them, your happiness for your friendship. Birthday flowers definitely say a lot about your love, and your grateful is your heart for having someone so special in your life. Send fresh flowers and say happy birthday with a bouquet of flowers.
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18 Wrapped roses. 18 Wrapped roses.

Eighteen roses with baby's breath and green leaf without vase, wrapped with paper and plastic, fresh cut flowers for her or him.

Regular Price: $35.00
Wishing a blessing day. Wishing a blessing day.

Fresh flowers, simple design, beautiful presentation, to wish a blessing day with flowers from your heart.

Regular Price: $39.17
Reflection. Reflection.

Beautiful flowers design with Estrella's flower shop in Dallas, TX.

Regular Price: $39.37
Blue Flowers Dallas Blue Flowers

Blue Flowers.
Blue roses,some spiders that you can choose the color,some daisies, statice, solidago flowers, green leather leave, and fillers.
a very simple but unique and nice flower design please let us show you you have choice the best option or ask how we can prove it.

Regular Price: $39.99
24 Roses Wrapped presentation. 24 Roses Wrapped presentation.

24 Roses wrapped with paper and some green leaves.

Regular Price: $50.00
Special price: $39.99
Savings: $10.01
Fruit Basket

Medium size basket with Mango, Pineapple,Oranges,bananas,apples and more fruits.
you can also call and let us know how you want the basket which specific fruits and so on just let us know here at you flower shop in Dallas Estrella's.

Regular Price: $43.37
Sunshine. Sunshine

Sunshine: Is an elegant floral design with a sunflower,roses,spiders,carnations,a tall and beautiful gladiolus, among other unique and precious flowers,beautifully arranged in a crystal vase with green leather leaves and more fillers,is really a wonderful gift flowers you can send to celebrate any occasion in Dallas,TX.

Regular Price: $44.97
Captivating flowers. Captivating flowers.

Really captivating flowers arrangement in a vase, roses, dusty miller, baby's breath, hypericum, lilies, an amazing flowers design that catch your eyes.

Regular Price: $45.00
Pink Roses basket Pink Roses basket

Beautiful small-medium size basket with some pink roses, sunflowers, simple and elegant floral design in Dallas, TX with Estrella's Flower Shop.

Regular Price: $45.00
Blue Heart Blue Heart

Heart of carnations in vase with floral foam.

Regular Price: $47.00
Hydrangeas and lilies. Hydrangeas and lilies.

Hydrangeas and lilies in vase plus some green leather leaves, simple but elegant and beautiful flowers.

Regular Price: $49.27
Lovely white Secret Lovely white secret

White roses bouquet in a vase beautiful roses design with a lily .
Beautiful white roses that makes a elegant arrangement for any occasion and send your flowers in Dallas.

Regular Price: $49.37
24 Roses Mix colors. 24 Roses Mix colors.

24 roses mix colors.
Long stem colorful roses wrapped with paper.

Regular Price: $50.00
Twelve tulips and a rose Twelve Tulips and Rose

12 beautiful tulips and a rose in a crystal vase .
Different colors tulips arrangement in a crystal vase, you can ask about any specific color in the case you want that.
Tulips are beautiful,exquisite flowers and elegant for a floral gift.
Is a medium size flowers arrangement with some fillers and green leather leaves, if you want to say anything without any word you should try this amazing flowers as the tulips.

Regular Price: $57.77
Roses and lilies Roses and lilies arrangement

Beautiful flowers in a vase with Roses and lilies, elegant and simple floral arrangement in Dallas TX.

Regular Price: $63.00