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Special and coupons .( pay on the website to use this coupons and and specials offers.Only in our service area.)

Take advantage of all our special prices on some flowers design for different occasion and use also coupons so you can save some money and still make happy someone sending fresh quality flowers.

1. $ 5 Dollars off on all the orders of $40 Dollars and up use code : 5off

2. $ 10 Dollars off on any order of $80 and up. use code : 10off

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Six red Roses in a vase Six Red Diamonds

Six red Roses in a vase,simple,beautiful and elegant

Regular Price: $35.00
Twenty four beautiful Roses 24 Wrapped roses

24 Wrapped Roses:
Twenty four premium roses,with baby´s breath,green leaf,wrapped in paper and plastic,no vase.

Regular Price: $47.00
24 quality roses $30 Dollars discount. 24 quality roses special price

24 roses quality roses long stem in a vase with baby's breath and green leave.
Get 24 roses in a vase for only $99

Regular Price: $99.00